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Mariya International School operates under the supervision of the MINISTRY OF EDUCATION and learning License number 307/s   "Mariya International School",the fastest growing school in Jubail City was  founded in 2007. The school started with only 43 students, 14 teachers and 6 admin staff members. The school had classes up to level 6 and sch...
Latest News & Activites

Early home time due to bad weather (Thursday 16th Feb) (16/02/2017)

Dear Parents Please note all Kg1, Kg2, Kg3 CITY buses will be dropping the students at 10:30am today. City Buses :2,3,5,8,11,13,14,15,16,17,18,21,22,26,27,28. Level 1-9 will have half day today. Private students to be picked up any time today after 10:30am.

Regular School for Level 1-9 on 14th February (12/02/2017)

Please note kgs have a day off on Feburary 14 th tuesday due to bad weather. Lev 1--9 (Girls/Boys) will follow as per the result plan.

Kg section will be OFF on 14th February (13/02/2017)

Kg 1, kg 2 and kg 3 will not have school tommorrow on Tuesday 14 th feburary. Please stay with website and face book page for further information.

Result Day for (Level 3-9) on 14th Feb, 2017 (09/02/2017)

Dear Parents Result Day -- Level 3-9 (Girls/Boys) Tuesday 14th February, 2017 from 12:30 – 2:30 pm 1. Students of Level 1-9 will have a half day till 10:30 am. Buses will take children home. 2. Kgs will have a full day till 11:30 am 3. R.C and Naval base students will go together with KG trip by 11:30 am. 4. Wednesday will be regular school.

Welcome Back (Term2 ) (05/02/2017)

School will be open TOMORROW (6th Feb, 2017) for all students of kg 1/2/3 & lev 1---9 girls / boys on usual time. Buses will come at the usual time too. WELCOME BACK.

Result day (Term 1) (23/01/2017)

Dear Parents Please note that the result day for kgs section (kg 1/ kg 2/ kg 3) will be on 25th January. The result for level 1/2 girl’s boys will be on 25th January, 2017 Timings: 9:00 am--12:00. pm RESULT FOR LEV 3---9 girls boys will be announced after winter break  School will close for break from 26th Jan ---- 5th February, 2017.  Students will return to school on Monday 6th February, 2017. Same timing 7:30--1:30. Pm.  Staff will join on 5th February, 2017 Result for kg 1/2/3 & Lev 1/ 2 (girls, boys) on 25th JANUARY between 9:00--12:00 daytime.

Dolphin Village trip (Lev 3-4 ) Girls (29/11/2016)

Dear parents Please note trip for Dolphin village is for lev 3/4 girls only tomorrow 30th Nov. Buses might be delayed. So please wait patiently. Thank you

KG's Trip to Sparkys (30/11/2016)

Kindly note Kg 2 trip to Sparks's on Wednesday. (30 Nov) Kg 1 & kg 3 on Thursday . (1st Dec) Kgs will go for 2 days since the number of children is big

Recreation Trip (29/11/2016)

Dear parents. Please note that school is going for a recreational trip to Dolphin village for girls side. And to sparky's for kgs on Wednesday 30th November between 8:00 am --- 1:30pm or later. Prior note is sent for it already. Home timeBuses might get late till 2:00. Please stay in touch with school facebook page , website, and Phone for arrival updates.

Fantastic Fun Day (08/11/2016)

Fantastic Fun Day for Level 1 to 9, Girls and Boys Section. Thursday (November 10, 2016) Regular School Timing: Buses will run as usual for morning and home time. Non teaching day so please do not send school bags. Home time- 1:15 pm as usual. Thank you, GM OFFICE

Mid - Term Break (2016) (08/11/2016)

Mid Term break( All 3 sections Girls/boys/KG) Thursday 10th Nov, 2016 Last working day. From 11th to 19th Nov,2016 --> off days. School Will reopen on 20th November for all sections(Kg, Girls,Boys) Same timings(7:30 am to 1:15pm)

Transport availability according to area. (30/09/2016)

Parents to note. These area routes are now closed for transport. Further request will be kept on waiting list.

Stationery lists 2016-17 (28/09/2016)

Stationery Lists from Level 2-10 has been uploaded in Academic Link.

School Opening Dates (17/09/2016)

Opening dates for Levels (1-10) - 18th Sep, 2016 ****KG 1 & KG 2--> 20th Sep, 2016 **** KG 3 --> 25th Sep, 2016.

As per Ministry KG3 opening date is Sunday 25th Sep, 2016 (07/09/2016)

Dear Parents , Please note that KG3 opening date has been changed as per Ministry of Education’s instruction. New opening date for KG3 is Sunday 25th September, 2016.

Accounts Section is open at Evening & During Hajj Break !! ()

Dear Parents, To make it easy and prompt, for your assistance our Accounts office will be open at evening time from 5:30 pm. ---- 8:30 pm. Accounts will be open during Eid and Hajj break , on 11 and 12 September as well.

Primary Checkpoint Result ()

Dear Parents, Please come & collect the Primary Checkpoint result on Wednesday 7 Sept between 10am-12:00pm. For Girls from girls reception and for Boys from boys reception.

Location Map is required for the school Bus ()

Dear New Students, Welcome to Mariya Int'l. Please come to Admin block between 9:00-12:00am on Monday 5th September, with a map of your home location so that we can confirm your seat in the school bus. Thank You.

Admissions are still Open !!! (30/08/2016)

Admissions open for all LEVELS. Kg 1 --> 3 yrs old, Kg 2 --> 4 yrs old & Kg 3 --> 5 yrs old students of all Nationalities.

IGCSE Result ()

Results for IGCSE O Levels can be obtained from Boys admin. Its with Mrs. Meryem at the reception desk.

Reserve Bus Seat ()

Parents please come and reserve your child's seat for buses. Seats are entertained on first come first served basis. Thank You

Summer Vacation (30/05/2016)


Result shifted to the Evening (26/05/2016)

Dear parents Please note that due to unavoidable situation the result for elementary classes 1--9 girls and boys section , the result has been postponed to the evening time between 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm on Thursday 26th May, 2016 We are very regretful of the inconvenience caused. Parents can contact school office ( 3445055/3449299/3621128/ 3621168) for assistance. Thank you.

Announcement (30/03/2016)

Dear Parents, We proudly announce that “Mariya International School is a Candidate for accreditation with the NCA CASI, NWAC, and SACS CASI”. ( Advanc-ed is the parent organization for these agencies ) We are inviting ALL parents of our students to be a part of this process and actively influence the education of their children, by giving us their feedback. As PARENT STAKEHOLDERS, you can help us improve the quality of education in Mariya International School. Interested ??? Please leave your name, your child’s name, class (Level) and your email for further details on any given below address.

Admission Open For Session 2016-2017 (28/03/2016)

"Admissions open for session 2016-17 at Mariya International School" Limited seats available. Please call at 013-3445055/3442022 /3621128/3449299 or visit us for an appointment for Entrance test and Interview. Open for all nationalities including Saudi students.

Re-registration of KG3 to Level 1 ()

Dear KG3 Parents, You are requested to come to school to collect the re- registration forms for session 2016-17 level 1 admissions. For boy students please visit boys admin (Miss. Wassan Mutairee) and for girls students please visit girls admin (Mrs. Salwa Hababy) to collect forms for level 1.Please also note that Thursday 25th February, 2016 is the last day to register for level 1 for our own kg 3. After that, available seats will be given to admissions outside.

Note For Cambridge Primary Checkpoint students (28/03/2016)

· Extra classes for Cambridge Primary checkpoint have been planned for English, Math & Science on Saturdays.There will be two working Saturdays before Spring break and the rest afterwards.Please note that whatever students are studying in the classes is also part of the curriculum for Primary checkpoint.Topics which needs more practice will be done in these Saturdays, along with practicing the past papers, so students can be made used to unseen and tricky question so as to build up their confidence. · Saturday: 20/02/2016 Timings: from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm Students will be given 10 minutes break at the end of each session. · Transport will be provided for bus students. Private students to arrange accordingly.

Admissions Open For Session 2016-2017 (16/02/2016)

Admissions Open For Session 2016-2017 at Mariya International School.Limited seats Available.Please call at 013-3445055 / 3442022 / 3621128 / 3449299 or visit us for an appointment for entrance test and interview.Open for all nationalities including Saudi Students.

Admissions for the new Academic Year 2016-2017 (07/02/2016)

Dear Parents Admissions and registrations will start for session 2016-17 from February 8th 2016 ( Monday) in Admin building for KG1,2,3 and Level 1 girls and boys. Siblings (Sisters and Brothers of our existing students) are our first priority.Please avail this facility soon as you can.From March 1 2016 it will be open for all.Please come and meet the admissions in charge between 9:00-12:00 for submitting details and set Entrance test and Interview dates.

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