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Admissions closing by 6th June , Please hurry and register !
MARIYA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL (MIS) INTRODUCTION The vision of a dynamic learning environment at Mariya International School (MIS) was heavily influenced by the dire need for quality education at affordable rates catering to all strata’s of the society. With this philosophy in mind, a rigorous 5 year schedule was diligently followed, in line with our commitment to provide an innovative and r...
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Administration timings (29/06/2015)

Administration timings during Summer vacation

Admission For Academic Year 2015-16 ()

Dear parents, Please note that if you are interested for REGISTRATION of your child to KG 1 and KG 2 in Mariya International as a sibling, and you already have children with Mariya School, u will be our top priority till 15 April. After that we will entertain u as a regular waiting list parent. Please make sure that you come and get your child listed with your personal details. Admissions for Montessori, kg 1, kg 2, will be closed by 1st may 2015. From 1st may 2015, level 1--9 admissions will start. If you are interested to bring any of your children to Mariya International School from any other school, please contact Mrs. Merwa Yusree at 3445055/3449299 and get your child’s name registered for an entrance test, along with the photo copy of report card of the half yearly marks. We will keep you as a top priority. After that you will be entertained as a regular parent. Since the seats available for level 1, 2, 3 and 4 are very short, we have to keep our already present parents on a priority. Thank you.

Sports day Winners (04/03/2015)

Sports day Winners

Teaching Working Saturday for Boys Section (25/02/2015)

Dear Parents, Please note that , Thursday 26th February, home time for Girls is 12:00 noon with the KGs. Boys have a day off on Thursday and a teaching working Saturday 28th February .Girls/KGs are off on Saturday 28th February as per normal.

Deep Sorrow on King’s Demise (29/01/2015)

Mariya International School feels deep sympathy and sorrow for the loss of a great King, and an extremely valuable human being. INNA LILLAHI WA INNA ILAYHI RAJI’UN May Allah shower His countless blessings on the late King and grant him Jannat -ul-Firdous as his permanent dwelling.

School Reopens on 26th January (24/01/2015)

Dear Parents,just to remind you that school reopens for all KGs & Elementary Boys/Girls on Monday 26 January for 2nd term. In Sha Allah. Same timing as per routine.

Revised Academic Calender for Elementary and KG Section (17/01/2015)

Dear Parents, please check the Revised Academic Calender for Elementary and KG Section at location Important links->School Calender

Result Day for KG section (11/01/2015)

Dear parents, Result day for KGs is on Wednesday 14/01/15 from 10 am-12 pm.Fathers are not allowed to enter KG building,only mothers to come.School will be close for winter break from 15th January to 25th January.School reopens on Monday 26 January at Regular School Time8:00-12:00 Thank You.

Result Day for Elementary Level 1-9 (11/01/2015)

Dear parents, Result day for Elementary level 1-9 is on Thursday 15/01/15 from 10 am-12 pm.Fathers are not allowed to enter girls building,only mothers to come.School reopens on Monday 26 January at Regular School Time7:30-1:15 Thank You.

Our facebook Page (15/12/2014)

please visit our facebook page for worksheets of level 1 to 7 and other updates

School will start late due to fog (14/12/2014)

Dear Parents Due to dense fog,school will start at 8:30 till 1:15,KG timings will b 9:00 to 12,private students to arrange accordingly,Bus riders please wait patiently for miscall.

School will start late today (10/12/2014)

School will start by 8:30 and finished by 2:30 today due to severe fog.KGs will start by 9:00 and finish by 1:00.Transport may be disrupted.please wait Patiently for the bus

English good handwriting day on 27 Nov 2014 (26/11/2014)

Dear parents please note that Collage competition is pushed to Sunday 30th Nov 2014.Tomorrow 27 Nov 2014 is English good handwriting day for level 1-9 Boys & Girls

Drawing & Coloring Competition for Lvl 1-7 Boys & Girls (25/11/2014)

Drawing & Coloring Competition tomorrow on 26 Nov 2014 for Lvl 1-7 Boys & Girls during regular school timings 7:30-1:15 regular teaching session will be conducted after the competition

Regular School tomorrow on 26 Nov 2014 (25/11/2014)

Regular School tomorrow 26 Nov 2014 for KG,Boys & girls section.Plz stay in touch with school website if weather is not favourable

School will remain closed for KGs , Boys & Girls tomorrow on 25 Nov 2014 (24/11/2014)

School will remain closed for KGs & Girls on 25 Nov 2014 due to heavy rain. Roads closed to school due to water. pls keep in touch for further news.

Time Table for Boys (19/10/2014)

Games,AV Room,Art Room & Lab time table for Boys

Bus List (30/09/2014)

Bus List

Lesson Plan for KGs (22/09/2014)

Lesson Plan for KG1 & KG2

Holiday on 23rd Sept test ()

Holiday on 23rd Sept for Saudi National Day.

KG section Home Time and Hajj Break (17/09/2014)

KG section Home Time and Hajj Break

KG News (11/09/2014)

UPDATED KG & Montessori Opening date..

Admission Closed for KG1! (09/09/2014)

Admission Closed for KG1!

Attention ()

Dear Parents, as per the weather dept and MOE INFORMATION, sand storm is expected tomorrow so please note that Monday 13th April is a holiday for all staff, students of girls section, boys section KGS and admns of all three sections. For further news please keep in touch with the FB page and website. School admn offices will be closed too.

Announcement (07/09/2014)


Transport Information (03/09/2014)

Bus route, Bus driver and Bus number confirmation...

Academic Calender 2014-2015 (01/09/2014)

Academic Calender 2014-2015..

Transport service to new school (01/09/2014)

Please contact transport department...

Roadmap of New Campus (30/08/2014)

Roadmap of New Campus...


Uniform available from the source from September 1st


School reopening details...

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